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Pirouette Shades Fort Lauderdale

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Pirouette Shades

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Pirouette Shades in Fort Lauderdale

Rotating Fabric Vane Shades for a Modern Look

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Unlike the Silhouettes, the Pirouette shade fabric vanes aren’t simply tilted open/close. They work in a rotating manner, giving the cloth vanes a natural “pirouette” as they open/close. This increases light diffusion which in turn improves visibility allowing you to let in just the amount of light you need. The fabric vanes can be bent inside fully or partially adding the perfect privacy. Simply set the shades as per your requirement to control the sunlight flow. 

The Pirouette shades that we have come with a de-Lite feature which completely blocks out the light including the cord holes. Our pirouette shades are designed uniquely to meet the custom specifications of our clients. They not only appear aesthetically appealing, but also comes with the necessary preventive measures for young children and pets so they don’t end in accidentally getting tangled up in cords. The contoured fabric vanes offer the shade a sleek and modern look, making it perfect for any home.

Are you looking for the best window treatment option in Fort Lauderdale to install pirouette shades in your homes?  

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Why Pirouette Shades Are Best for Fort Lauderdale Homes?

Pirouette shades are a great addition for any home where you want to add a bit of privacy yet enjoy the sunlight. Fort Lauderdale is a place where the sun shines brightly almost all year round. We all want to enjoy the sunny days, and these soft sheer shades fulfil the purpose most efficiently. When the vanes are open, they add a clear view of the outside while diffusing the light. And when the vanes are closed, they offer maximum privacy and complete protection from harmful UV rays. If you leave them half open, they create an illusionary effect allowing limited sunlight to flow in giving the entire room a spacious effect.

Whether you are looking to install them in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, Pirouette shades are the best fit for any room type.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Pirouette Shades in Your Fort Lauderdale Home?

Pirouette shades installed in room

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Get the Perfect View Out Your Window with Pirouette Shades

Add a Modern Touch to Your Home with Our Pirouette Shades

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