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Designer Banded Zebra Shades Fort Lauderdale

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Zebra Shades

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Designer Banded Zebra Shades in Fort Lauderdale

Available in Different Colors & Textures

American Handcrafted | A Touch of Luxury | Fully Customizable

Designer banded zebra shades are a special type of window treatment in Fort Lauderdale which amalgamates the traditional design of the roller shades into a zebra banded shade style. These shades have alternating horizontal bands of different fabrics. The fabrics commonly used in these shade types appear as sheer & opaque where they allow light filtering and opaqueness accordingly. What makes the designer banded zebra shades unique in its look and feel is how the bands create an alternating striped effect. This unique effect adds a luxuriously unique touch to any room where you’ve hung them. 

The shades are easy to install, and are easily maintainable. You can add motorized options or choose to manually operate them.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Designer Banded Zebra Shades: A Designer's Dream Window Treatment

At Top Notch Custom Blinds, the banded zebra shades are available in a variety of colors and can be made to custom fit any window. Our artisans take great pride in handcrafting each one of the elegantly designed zebra banded shades as per customer’s choice. 

What makes Zebra Banded Shades amazingly unique is how they can easily be installed in any part of the house, may it be your living room or bedroom. Our products are carefully designed to add that touch of luxury to your premises that leaves an everlasting impression on your visitors. 

Do you want to elevate the decor of your home by installing banded zebra shades in Fort Lauderdale?

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Why Choose Top Notch Custom Blinds for Shade Installation?

Top Notch Custom Blinds is the leading provider of banded zebra shades and other window treatments in Fort Lauderdale. 

We offer a wide range of custom window treatments that are sure to fall into your budget. We also offer a free in-home consultation so that you can see our products in person and get a better idea of what would work best for your home. Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect window treatment solution for your residence or commercial property. Our zebra shades are available in an extensive line of small, medium & large band heights so you can have the perfect exterior view. We have designer banded shades available in different geometric patterns as well.

In addition to our designer banded zebra shades in Fort Lauderdale, we also offer a variety of other window treatment options, such as roller shades, solar shades, wood blinds, and plantation shutters. When you hire our experts, we want you to be confident that you’re investing in the right place. 

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation from our experts.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Control The Natural Light Flow with Our Designer Banded Zebra Shades

If you don’t want the light entering in your rooms from the windows, you can always opt-in for layered shades. The farbic is carefully aligned in such a way that natural light can readily diffuse through the gaps, offering you a filtered well-lit room. Layered curtains offer privacy, reduce glare, adds better insulation, and a modern aesthetic appeal overall. Do you want to give your traditional decor brightness and elegance, look no further than Top Notch Custom Blinds. We are the right place for you.

Zebra Shades

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Bring Back Elegance with Our Designer Banded Zebra Shades

Our designer banded zebra shades from Hunter Douglas are the perfect match for your home’s interior design. These products are amazing in design & style and the combination of solid and sheer drape & fabric panels allow enough sunlight to enter your room while setting the perfect ambiance for you to relax.

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