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Mini Blinds

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Mini Blinds in Fort Lauderdale

They Offer Convenience & Are Cost Effective

Isn’t it a significant relief to use something you are familiar with? When we know the benefits of a thing, we tend to choose them instead of spending time and money on another thing. Mini blinds are a familiar fixture in every household, office, and other establishments. Most homeowners used mini blinds in the ’70s because it is cost-effective and could easily be installed soon after purchase. By the year 1981, mini blinds captured over 80 percent of the entire United States market of homeowners. Since then, they have gained significant popularity, and have become the leading choice across the United States for window treatment.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

The Function | How Do Plantation Shutters Work?

Plantation shutters are made up of a series of horizontal slats, called louvers, that can be opened and closed to control the amount of light and air that enters a room. Plantation shutters are held in place by magnets, pins, or other fasteners and can be adjusted to allow for full light, partial light, or complete darkness. You can custom-set the louvers to any position that you want, which allows for complete control of the light and privacy in your space. When they are completely open, they allow natural light to enter the room and help improve air circulation. They are typically made of wood, but they can also be made of other synthetic materials. At Top Notch Custom Blinds, we offer plantation shutters in Fort Lauderdale made from both wood and polywood, and we can custom design plantation shutters as per your preference.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Why Choose Mini Blinds?

Light Control

They control light

Mini blinds are great for dispersing light throughout a room. They can deflect glare while keeping some natural light in the room. When the light hits the top of the slat, it bounces off and escalates throughout the room. Mini blinds in Fort Lauderdale are quite affordable. They do not cost so much, especially if you purchase them from Top Notch Custom Blinds. There are a variety of choices that would surely meet the design you want.


They are simple to clean

Cleaning mini blinds are as easy as a wipe. Because they are made from synthetic materials, they are easy to clean.You can easily clean them with a microfiber cloth and make them dirt free instantly. Cleaning mini-blinds will help avert the development of dust and grime. You can get to the range of the narrow slats by fully expanding the blinds, then turning the slats closed until you reach the opposite sides.

long life

They have a long life

This window treatment is an easy solution for people who are busy and want a perfect choice for their windows. Mini blinds can stay many years of sun exposure without cracking or color fade. They are known for living a long life.

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They are easy to coordinate

Mostly, houses have various sizes of windows. Mini blinds are the best option to coordinate all your windows in your home or office.

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They are familiar

Mini blinds are seen on all the corners of any property! They’re in houses, schools, businesses, restaurants, and other places. We are accustomed to the looks of it, and we know how to operate them and how quickly we can install them. So, if you want a fast and easy window treatment, you better choose the blinds you are familiar with.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Two Types of Mini Blinds

One Inch Mini Blinds
Top Notch Custom Blinds

One Inch Mini Blinds

They are the classic mini blinds and are set to be tried and tested. These are the window covers you have seen in most homes, libraries, schools, restaurants, and offices you have visited. 


Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds
Top Notch Custom Blinds

Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds

Because of the dangers associated with the cords, most people prefer the peace of mind and convenience that come with cordless blinds. In this type of mini blind, you only need to use the bottom rail to raise and lower these durable window treatments.

Top Notch Custom Blinds

Buying Stylish Window Blinds Has Never Been Easier…

Window covering is one of the dominant aspects of our house/property. Top Notch Custom Blinds give importance to your style and design that would present the uniqueness you are looking for in a mini blind. Enhance the beauty of your place through Top Notch Custom Blinds and enjoy the innumerable benefits that are in store for you. When it comes to value & quality material, Top Notch Custom Blinds is the finest option for window coverings.

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