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Blinds Repairs & Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Blinds are a very prominent window treatment in many houses and offices. Most people choose blinds because of the privacy it gives and the control over the light entering the house. They are the most used items in homes. Keeping them clean and functioning is easy, but blinds are susceptible to problems. When they wear and tear, you may have an inclination to replace them. But that’s not the only solution to the problem. Blinds are repairable. You can expand their lifespan, and it can still work at full capacity.

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How do blinds Work?

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Common Issues With The Blinds

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Why Getting Blinds Repair in Fort Lauderdale Better?

If window blinds are damaged, replacement is not always the solution. There are blind experts who can save and repair the window that you choose. Repairing is always the best idea. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add new strings to the blinds?

Yes. If the strings are damaged, the old ones can be removed and restring so your blind can work again as new.

What can you repair on the blinds?

We can repair most problems. We replace cord locks, tilt controls, tassels, wands,
and in case you need any other part replacement, we have them too.

Can vertical blinds be repaired?
Yes. vertical blinds can be repaired.
Can you fix damaged cords inside blinds?
Yes. We can fix damaged cords inside the blinds. If the repair cost of the blind is relatively less compared to replacement cost, then it’s best to get the repairs from a reliable & trustworthy blind company such as Top Notch Custom Blinds. When it comes to blinds, we repair & replace just about everything.
Does the repair include the cleaning too?
No, the repair and the cleaning have different charges, but both are low-cost and affordable.
Can you repair blind slats that are damaged?
Of course, we can. But if there are more than three slats or more are damaged, then you might need a replacement.

Top Notch Custom Blinds offers quality service from well-experienced repair technicians. Their expertise allows them to suggest and accomplish repairs the competitors would not even attempt. Top Notch Custom Blinds technicians show up on time and work professionally in your home or business. Get instant blinds repair in Fort Lauderdale from a professional. 

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